Signs You Need a Break

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Every few months or so, an overwhelming feeling to take a break will consume me. This feeling will happen for various reasons ranging from feeling unorganized to motherhood emotions. Weeks of compounded emotions or barriers can weigh heavy on one’s shoulders. It’s not always for the same reasons but I’ve discovered some trends when I feel I need a break, reboot, or an opportunity to play catch up.

Here are some things to look out for:


I am fortunate to not suffer from anxiety regularly, but I’ve developed some anxiety after becoming a mother. The everyday anxiety comes in waves but feels manageable. On a typical day, the feeling subsides and I can push through. However, there are some days my heart won’t stop racing and I feel shaky (not a too much caffeine type of shaky).

The one-time occurrence of feeling anxious doesn’t derail me, but several days of having that overwhelming amount of anxiousness make me feel I must take a break and reboot.


It’s natural to get irritable with those around you. From work to home, there are days it just seems to consume you. I’ve recognized my irritability when something (or someone) that doesn’t commonly bother me will start to irritate me. That particular something or someone often becomes my final straw for me to realize something is wrong.

I talk to my mom every single day. She is sweet, generous, and loving. We may differ in opinions at times, but she doesn’t judge and listens with an open heart. She has become my monitor and checking point. The moment I feel irritable with her, I know there is an underlying issue. This self-awareness has allowed me to look deeper than what is happening right in front of me.

Learn who or what can be your checkpoint. Once I realized my mom was my checkpoint, I was able to evaluate and reverse engineer why I was feeling more irritable. Understanding the things (or people) that don’t commonly bother you will allow you to reflect on what’s necessary to address. Is it truly that certain thing or person or is something bothering you?


There are times when it is necessary to feel sad, we all have various reasons to be sad, but there are times you feel this sensation of sadness for no reason. Emotions can tend to get the best of you when they compound and you feel triggered by something.

Don’t ignore these emotions. Being sad is okay, but you must separate and decide when it’s time to take care of yourself. Taking that time may result in you discovering what the root of the problem is and deciding how you should go about resolving the problem.

Responsibilities are piling up

You could be moving through your days busy with work, events, and keeping up with family and friends, but once you skip one responsibility they keep adding on top of each other. Once you skip out on doing one thing, it’s easy to say no to others.

I do this often when I’m busy, I put off doing laundry, mopping, or doing a full grocery run. Tomorrow always sounds better until tomorrow comes. Those chores and responsibilities are still there waiting for you at the end of the day and the next day. When the house is a mess and chores start to pile up, I long for a day of catch-up.

There have been days I’ve asked my husband to take the kids just so I can get some cleaning done from start to finish with no interruptions.

These responsibilities will never stop. Yes, there are things you could do to prevent it, however, sometimes they need to be addressed all at the same time due to putting them off. If you feel you need that time to do those tedious tasks, you may want to designate a time to collect your thoughts and execute those plans.


The above feelings can make you feel weighted and unable to keep up with your life’s happenings. When responsibilities, life events, and issues arise, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

All of these emotions are real and understandable. However, you shouldn’t continue to suffer if you’re not feeling up to the things that bring you joy. If those activities are not bringing you joy or comfort like they once did then you must evaluate and address them accordingly. A little self-care can go a long way.

Sometimes you just need a break so take it!



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