Remote Job Boards — not what you think they are

  • International that require you to live in those countries — read thoroughly
  • Entry level is limited, lots of Senior positions
  • Old jobs, few openings that are within the last 14 days
  • Seems to rarely update with few new positions available
  • Most relevant for software engineering and web development — those had the most recent published job openings
  • Great for international work — may not work out for those not based in time zones depending on position
  • Has an area companies organized by industry — each company page has opening positions
  • Experience level is higher
  • Good for international positions
  • Some positions were no longer available but still posted
  • Upgraded pro membership allows you access to additional
  • No way to filter to just show only “free” member job descriptions
  • Came across the duplicated job postings — to make it seem like there are more than there is?
  • Little to no positions for writing, teaching, operations or design even though there are categories for it. Good for IT/Development, sales, support and project management.
  • Mid to Senior level
  • Links to apply often take you to different career sites to apply
  • Does not have the date of post — unsure of how old the job posting is (only the sponsored job posting had a posting date)
  • Job filter is limited
  • When clicking on the job description often got an error stating the website had a heavy load of people trying to access the site
  • Had a few times of the actual applying page would look like a link to a virus if you clicked to apply
  • UX is poor — if you click to view the page 2 the page doesn’t bounce back up it stays in place therefore you have to scroll back up to view the list
  • Many freelance/contract positions
  • Some jobs are actually hosted on a different site such as Indeed, therefore when you click apply will direct you to the other site
  • Mid to Senior level positions
  • Shows old job descriptions that are grayed out and expired but you’re still able to view the job description — what’s the point
  • Can only filter by category of job type



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Kasey Harrington

Kasey Harrington

Striving to better myself and inspire others along the way