Life Begins When You Discover This One Thing!

Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

“Isn’t it interesting when you realize your parents are just people?”

-a friend

I was in my twenties when I found out my dad had an affair early in the marriage. I didn’t need the added fuel to the fire because my views of my father were already tainted through some of his actions over the years. I was finally coming to terms with the type of person he was when I got that news. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good man, but, like most, has many flaws I’ve had to accept. Some flaws, I am still trying to accept.

Then it made sense

Ever since my friend said, “isn’t it interesting when you realize your parents are just people?” I started to see both my parents differently. I began to consider what attributes I wished to take on, and those I didn’t. My parents, too, are navigating through life still figuring things out even though I thought they had it all together. They, too, are living day by day learning and hopefully growing from their mistakes and experiences.

Understanding what “boxes” people fulfill in your life

I came to the conclusion that my parents weren’t required to fulfill all my boxes. Although I’ve never had issues with my mother, I was able to see how her roles, as mother and wife, differed and what I needed to learn from. My mom truly is someone I can talk to about anything and everything but she doesn’t need to be the one I go to for business related advice and questions. She shouldn’t be expected to fill all the things I need based off what I am learning and who I am becoming.

Learning and growing

By not trying to be everything to everyone a new world begins. I understand you should be happy with yourself before pouring into others but you’re allowed to monitor what is being poured onto you from others.




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